Pippin/Snyder Family History

For a long time I did not know a lot about our Pippin family history except family living in Saskatchewan

A few years ago Cousin Bert Rose contacted me about a family reunion in Tarboro NC.

So after some research I attended the Pippin/Pippen family reunion in Tarboro North Carolina along with Bert and Don Rose who travelled from Saskatchewan in 2009.

At this reunion we learned a lot of Pippin family information dating back to the early 1700’s

We had a great time and learned a lot about our heritage.

I also was able to purchase a thick hard cover book “John Pippen A New beginning in Maryland” that Jim and Emily Pippin published after many years of research.

In 2010 I again attended the Tarboro reunion along with Diane who was unable to attend the 2009 reunion.

At both of these reunions we toured churches, cemeteries and houses built by Pippin ancestors in the Tarboro area. At both reunions we had a cookout at Brock Townsend’s Dixieland plantation outside of Tarboro on the last day of the reunion.


While at these reunions we learned of another group of Pippin’s in the Cookeville Tennessee area and in October 2012 our group consisting of Bert and Joann Rose, Harvey Pippin & Donna Nagus , Don and Stella Pippin, and Diane an I attended the family reunion in Cookeville.


Our family line from the immigrant John Pippen follows Robert Pippen born in the colony of Maryland about 1730and died sometime after 1778.

In John Pippen A New beginning in Maryland there is not a lot of history of the Robert branch of the family however we can pick up  our family history with Richard William Pippin born in September 1844 in Franklin County Indiana. One of Richard William Pippin’s sons was Bert Pippin, my grandfather born August 25, 1878 in Tremont Township, Tazewell County Illinois



There is a scanned pdf copy of “The Pippin Family of Tazewell County Illinois” compiled by Sylvia Newland Pippin in 1983 that can be downloaded by clicking the link on the boxes below.


I also scanned the information tracing our family line from the book
“John Pippen A New beginning in Maryland” that can be downloaded with links below.


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Updated January 29, 2024

The links below are a collection of Pippin and Snyder family history that I have collected.

There is very little Snyder family history . If you have information regarding our Snyder family history please send it to me and I’ll add it to this web site.


My grandmother Minnie Snyder’s maiden name was Lobb.

There’s a link below for a Lobb Family History that contains a lot of Snyder information.


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