The carb is a tangle to get out.

1. Remove the seat.

2. Remove the radiator shrouds.

3. Remove the fuel tank, NOTE: Do not remove the fuel line TO the fuel shutoff !! remove the line from the fuel shutoff to the carb THEN remove the 2 bolts that secure the fuel shutoff to the frame.

4. Follow the carburetor TPS to it's connector and un do it.

5. Have someone lift the tank up a few inches, pull the 2 BIG hoses out loose from the frame and let them hang, disconnect the air circulation hose from the valve (it snakes through the fuel lines) remove the big hose and little hose, unhook the carburetor idle knob from the mount, then pull out the last 2 carburetor overflow lines from the frame.

6. Remove the fuel tank.

7. Loosen the throttle push pull cables from the carburetor.

8. Move the main wire harness from its perch on the frame.

9. Remove the rear brake master cylinder reservoir bolt and move the MC aside for better intake boot access.

10. Loosen the intake boot at the airbox and carburetor inlet and remove.

11. With everything on the carburetor loose or removed you can pull the carburetor out through the top of the frame.

Remove these two bolts


Follow the carb TPS to the connector and disconnect it.


Remove this hose from the valve.


Pull these hoses free from the frame and let them hang out next to the others.


Move the main wire harness.


Remove the push pull cables from the carb.


Pull the carb out from the top of the frame.



Keihin Carburetor Removal