Unabiker 06-07 KLX250S radiator guards offer radiator protection for Kawasaki's popular 250cc dual sport motorcycle.

The 06-07 KLX250S radiator guards feature a 2 piece construction.

The face guard features large slots to ensure excellent air flow across the radiators while providing protection from roost, rocks and sticks.

Solid support rods across the top and bottom of the face of the radiators to minimize damage from side impacts.

The front face guard bolts to a rear brace. The brace is reinforced to help resist radiator fold-back.

With all of these elements bolted together, you get a solid structure around your rads allowing you to ride your bike like it was meant to be.

The 06-07 KLX250S radiator guards were designed to work with the stock fan and horn in their stock locations.

Kit includes all of the high quality stainless steel hardware necessary to install the guards.

The guards fit under your stock plastic with no cutting necessary.

The 06-07 KLX250S radiator guards are available in bare aluminum or anodized black or gold.

Unabiker 2007/2007 KLX250S Radiator Guards

Unabiker Radiator Guards

Skid Plate


There are several skid plates available for the KLX250

I used the Utah Sports Skid plate sold by

Ricochet Off Road Armor and Iím very happy with it