Parts Neede for This Rejet Project

#128 Main Jet 92063-1074
#40 Pilot Jet 92064-1108

Keihin Carburetor Modifications

Remove the carburetor float bowl.


Remove the EPA soft cap.


Sheet metal screw.


Replace the pilot jet with a #38 or #40

I live at 2400 ft elevation and used a #38 that works well.


Replace the main jet with a #125


Set the fuel screw 2 1/2 turns out from lightly bottomed.


Remove the carb top.
As soon as you remove the slide/diaphram soak it in HOT water, if you don't the rubber will expand to a large size that you will not be able to get back into the groove.


Carb parts




Drill the slide bleed hole with a 7/64 inch drill


Shim the needle .032

IF you cannot get a shim go to the local ACE hardware store and buy a stainless steel #4 washer. They are usually .028 to .035 Just grab one of the thicker ones, a piece of sandpaper and make it .032



The slide diaphragm.

If the diaphragm lip does not want to stay in place use a little grease in the groove.


NOTE: Make sure the needle is CENTERED INTO THE NEEDLE JET




There are other options for re-jetting the carburetor.

DynoJet jet kit that include the jets they have figured out. Just follow their instructions.

Change the jetting yourself using carburetor parts from the KLX300

To explore these option go to Carb Mods Continued