2007 KLX 250S Tips & Tricks


Folding Bike Mirrors to replace the stock mirrors are a nice addition.

You can fold the mirrors in when riding through the trees and they fold in rather than break when you fall down.

I have the turn signals mounted on the brush guards so I utilized the original turn signal mounting holes for a BMW style 12 volt (fused) live battery outlet that can be used for heated clothing or to charge the battery.

On the opposite side I installed a switch that will turn off the headlight to when riding in the woods and using heated clothing. This helps to have no battery drain.


A Fender Tube Bag is handy to carry a spare tube and some tire wrenches to fix a flat tire during a ride.


Another option is the excellent Dirt Bike Gear fender bag

Shown below is my GPS RAM mount and the GPS mounted.

I have a live 12 volt fused line with an SAE connector that runs the GPS even when the bike is shut off

The BMW style electrical plugs are available from electrical suppliers.

Here’s a couple of good sites to purchase these items.

Warm & Safe Heated Gear

Note Warm & Safe also has great heated clothing and offers a discount to MSTA members.

Powerlet Products

Ballistic Fender Bags

These are the very best rear fender bags you can buy, proven over the last 6 years to be virtually indestructible.

Another option for a rear fender bag that works well is the Moose Rear Fender bag.

One place to purchase it is Rocky Mountain ATV.

I have this bag on my KLX and it works very nice.

As you know, the toolkits supplied by motorcycle manufacturers are typically inadequate or of poor quality. The tools in your emergency tool kit should be as good or better quality than you would use in your garage. A broken tool in the garage means that you wipe the grease off your hands and drive to the store to buy a new one. A broken tool on the trail may mean a long walk home.

Click on the link below for the TrailTools web page where you’ll find some quality tools at a reasonable price

Other nice to have (I think essential) items to carry in your rear bag or fender bag are a set of tire irons, Motion Pro Bead Pro, a spare tube, a tire patch kit, and a compact bicycle tire pump. A Motion Pro Bead Buddy II is also useful for tire changes.

If you’re limited for space just carry a front tube as it can be used in the rear temporarily.

A piece of gas line makes a good siphon hose and often comes in handy.

Double Take mirrors are also very durable.

They’re quite popular and are expensive




With this GPS setup I heve a modification to the RAM mount that converts 12 volts to 5 volts to power theGarmin 64S GPS

Details of the converter you can make are below