2007 KLX 250S Information

Kawasaki Shop manuals are available for the
2006 & 2007 KLX250S††† Youíll need two manuals


Part Number - 99924-1165-03: Service Manual KLX250D


Part Number - 99924-1240-55: Service Manual Supplement KLX250H


See ďDownload FilesĒ page for downloadable pdf manuals

Larger Gas Tanks

The stock KLX250S gas tank is made of steel and holds 1.9 gallons of gas.

This does not give you much range.

There are three popular replacement tanks available Clarke, Acerbis, and IMS

A good source for all three of these tanks is Just Gas Tanks

Cycle Buy Gas Tanks also has good prices

Acerbis 3.7 gallon gas tank

The Acerbis replacement gas tank is made of plastic and holds 3.7 gallons.

Itís available in Green only.

The tank has wings that replace the stock KLX shrouds.

Some of the gas gets trapped in the right wing when fuel runs low.

All Acerbis Fuel Tanks include a new cap and new mounting hardware with Petcocks.

Tanks will use stock shrouds

Clarke 2.7 gallon gas tank

The Clarke replacement gas tank is made of plastic and holds 2.7 gallons.

Itís available in Black, White, Green and Clear

Itís a fairly easy job to install this tank.

There is a small gap where the shrouds mate against the seat.

All Clarke Fuel Tanks include a new cap and new mounting hardware if needed.

This tank uses stock shrouds and petcock

IMS 3.2 gallon gas tank

The IMS replacement gas tank is made of plastic and holds 3.2 gallons.

Itís available in Black, Green and Clear.

The IMS tank has some reported fitment problems.

IMS Tanks fit problems

All IMS Fuel Tanks include a new cap and new mounting hardware

Tank uses stock shrouds

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Another way to extend your range is to use the 33 oz MSR fuel bottle

They can be carried in your backpack or fastened to the bike

Theyíre available at most sporting goods stores

I bought mine through Amazon

And thereís a handy Tractor Operatorís manual canister available from Agri Supply

The 22 oz MSR bottles will fit perfectly in the canisters with a little room for some padding.

I put the MSR bottle in a thick sock and it still fits in the canister.

The cap screws on tightly for security.

It has tabs to mount it on the bike.


The KLX 250 is geared a little tall from the factory and benefits greatly by changing the 14 tooth countershaft sprocket to a 13 tooth sprocket.

I good place to get a quality AFAM 13 tooth (part number 24502-13) sprocket is from Cogent Dynamics.

Call Todd, Joyce or Rick at Cogent (828)-628-9025 and ask for the 13 tooth sprocket for your KLX250S.


Cogent also has fork springs and shock springs available for the KLX250S

Stop that front end dive with a pair of .44 kg/mm rated Cogent springs

The rear shock also benefits from the Cogent 6.1 kg/mm rated shock spring


Cogent Dynamics


e-mail raceparts@motocd.com

Fuel Range with the Clarke 2.7 gallon gas tank and carburetor re-jetted per the ďDo-It-Yourself Re-JetĒ on the Carb Mods Continued page

133 miles on main tank plus 12 miles on reserve

145 miles total† @ 53 mpg

Each 33 oz MSR bottle is good for an additional 13 miles

Wolfman Luggage makes a Bottle Holster designed around the popular Primus, Optimus, and MSR 1 liter bottles. The Bottle Holster can attach to the seat, rack or wherever

Itís constructed from heavy duty Ballistic Nylon with 4 point mounting and a top strap that secures the bottle.

Size: 9 " long. A 1 liter/10Ē circumference bottle or smaller is recommended.

Wolfman also sells Primus bottles.